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Business Stationery Printing

Business Stationery Printing - LetterheadPiedmont Litho’s Business Stationery Printing Service

Business stationery, letterhead, and envelopes improve your corporate image with a professional and polished look. Piedmont Litho can help you achieve that professional look with our stationery services.

When a potential customer sees that you have a high quality letterhead or business card they will immediately assume that you provide a high quality product or service. If you have an ongoing company image between all of your stationery including logo, business card, and letterhead and envelopes the potential customers will notice the effort you have taken.

Letterhead and envelopes are most commonly printed with your company logo and contact information. Standard letterhead is 8.5” x 11” and the standard business envelope is a #10. Envelopes can come with our without windows depending on your mailing needs.

Your company letterhead should capture your company’s style. It’s part of your overall brand and identity, so you want to make sure that it’s designed really well. Many times companies forget about the importance of their letterhead and just stick their logo in the middle, which is not a good practice.

4 tips to help you create your company’s letterhead that will make a big impact:

    • Don’t over complicate your design – Too many special effects will overshadow your message of professionalism. Make a letterhead design for your company that most effectively serves the needs of your company.
    • Use color only as needed and not to fill up white space – Someone will be reading a letter, proposal, or contract and that is what you want to shine. Color should be used to emphasize the name of the company and nothing more. Printing letterhead is also more cost effective when using less as opposed to more color. Printing envelopes in 1 or 2 colors is also more cost effective than a 4-color envelope.
    • Make sure your copy is legible – Letterhead showcases the name of your company, which means the choice of font size, color, and style are all important variables. Stay away from those fancy fonts which are impossible to read. A good rule of thumb is to make the company address within the letterhead a smaller font.
    • Leave out the unnecessary details – You’ll want the company’s name, phone number, physical address, and possibly 1 email address. Adding only pertinent information will keep your letterhead looking clean and professional.

Contact Piedmont Litho for your business stationery printing needs, and let us help you gain that new potential customer that your business wants and needs today!

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